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Pre - mixed Mortar and Auxiliary
Wet-mixed Mortar: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, ground mortar, waterproof mortar.
Special dry mix mortar: Flooring mortar, Self-leveling mortar, grouting mortar, insulation mortar,color mortar, art mortar, decorative mortar, air purification mortar.
Auxiliary´╝Üwaterproof material, putty, interface agent, grouting material, tile adhesives, sealants, protective agent; diatomaceous earth and so on.

Mortar production and construction equipment
the efficient mixer, mixer, dryer, sieving machine, packaging machine, control and measurement equipment; packaging bags, flow irrigation, dry mixing mortar transporters, the back tankers; mortar machine, spraying equipment, pump and high conveying system; ceramic tiles and floor construction equipment; testing equipment and so on.

Mortar raw materials and additives
re-dispersible latex powder, cellulose ether, methyl cellulose, reinforced fiber, polyvinyl alcohol; anti-cracking agent, water reducing agent, defoaming agent, retarder, accelerating agent, early strength agent, athixotropic agent, defoaming agent, superplasticizer, curing agent, blocking agent, hardening agent and emulsion type additive; special cement, gypsum, lime, artificial sand, natural sand, sand, slag powder, fly ash, recycled aggregate; mortar formulation and application technology.

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